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Free Jobs Reference is a job network builder for connecting people and jobs.
It is a well known fact that a remarkable number of  hirings by MNCs are through  their employee reference.
This is to cut the cost for job advertisement.

So take this great oppertunity to expose yourself to numerous working professionals who are the first to know about the new openings in their firm and are ready to refer you for the reward they get from their employer.

Communicate,Interact,befriend,know each other and create a great job reference!

You can register for free!

This site offers four types of membership:
1.Professional who wants to refer other professionals in their company.
2.Professional who wants to be referred by others i.e they want job change.
3.Fresher who wants to be referred by professionals working in different companies
4.Recruiter who wants to post job free of cost

Choose the role which suits you best from the links given on home page.
You are free to choose more than one role however you will have to  register separately for each role with different username.
By registering to this site your profile(including your email) will instantly become available to our site members who want to refer you in their company or their friends company .
Once you choose to be gold member of this site you can see the details of numerous profesionals registered with this with the intention of getting a job reference

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