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ASP.NET Interview Questions(Basic)

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Q1.How to show number of current online users visitors on website in ASPNET C#
we can get the no of users accessing a website at any moment by creating an application variable and increasing and decreasing it at session start and session end event respectively.

Q2. What is the difference between Bind and Eval Method in ASPNET
Eval is used for one way binding means only to display .Updating of data is not possible in this case
Bind is used for two way binding means Updating of data is also possible in this case

Q3. What is the difference between http Module and Http Handler in ASP.NET
1.In the request pipe line http Module comes first and then http handler comes
2.HTTP Handler actually processes the request and produces the response but HTTP module can work on request before and on the response after HTTP Handler
3.Note that during the processing of an http request, only one HTTP handler will be called, whereas more than one HTTP modules may be called.

Q4. Name two property of validation control which must be set?
Control to validate and Error message.

Q5. From what namespace does a webpage is Inherited?

Q6. When Validation event is fired during page life cycle?
After the Page_Load event.

Q7. What are the main methods/events fired during page load?
Load View State
Save View State

Q8. What is an assembly?
An assembly is a colection of dll and/or exe files. It is the basic unit of deployment.

Q9. What are the different types assembly?
Private assembly, Shared assembly and Satellite asembly.

Q10. Describe the difference between inline code and code behind code?
Inline code is written with html code in file with .aspx extension Code behind code is separeted from html in .aspx.cs or .aspx.vb extension files

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