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SQL Server Interview Questions(Basic)

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Q1. What is SQL Server?
SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System developed by microsoft

Q2. What are the objects of SQL Server?
The main objects are :
Table,View,Stored Procedure,Function,Index,Trigger etc

Q3. What are the different types of table?
a)General Table
b)Temporary Table
c)Table Variable

Q4. What is the row size in SQL Server?
8060 bytes

Q5. What are the types if Index?
a)Clustered Index(Generally created on primary keys,only one is allowed per table)
b)Non-Clustered Index(Generally created on unique keys,up to 249 is allowed per table)

Q6. What is the difference between union and join?
a)union: Selects rows from two or more table
b)join: Selects column from two or more table

Q7. What is the use of SCOPE_IDENTITY() function?
It returns the latest identity value for the table in the current execution

Q8. What is a dead lock?
It is a situation where two processes , each one having a lock on different piece of data, tries to get a lock on other's piece of data. As a result both the processes would wait indefinitely

Q9. What is meant by Live Lock?
It is a situation where a request for an exclusive lock is repeatedly denied due to a series of overlapping shared lock on the piece of data.

Q10. What is normalization?
Normalization in the database context is a data design and organisation process
Main advantage of normalization are:
a)Minimized storage space
b)Efficient query operation
c)Better database maintainability

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