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AJAX Interview Questions(Basic)

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Q1. What is AJAX?
Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript & XML It is not a new technology but it is represantation of old technologies in new way

Q2. What is the name of object used for AJAX request?
XmlHttpRequest object

Q3. How is AJAX request different from normal request to the server?
While using AJAX a postback from a client (browser) to the server goes partially, which means that instead of a complete postback, a partial postback is triggered by the Javascript XmlHttpRequest object

Q4. Name the browsers that support XmlHttpRequest object?
a)Internet Explorer 5.0+
b)Mozilla 1.0+/Firefox
c)Safari 1.2+
d)Opera 8.0 +

Q5. Can we implement Ajax in browsers that do not support the XmlHttpRequest object?
Yes,remote scripts can be used for this purpose

Q6. Name the different types of readyStates in Ajax?
a)request not initialized
b)request set
c)request sent
d)request processing
e)request completed

Q7. How to use AJAX in ASP.NET 2.0?
ASP.NET Ajax Framework 1.0 is available as a separate download for ASP.NET 2.0

Q8. What are the different controls provided in ASP.NET Ajax Framework 1.0?
a)Script Manager
b)Script Manager Proxy
c)Update Panel
d)Update Progress

Q9. What is prerequisite for Update Panel use?
Script Manager

Q10. How many update panel we can have per page?
As many as you want

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