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J2EE Interview Questions(Basic)

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Q1. What is J2EE?
J2EE is the abbriviation of Java 2 Enterprise Edition.It is an environment for developing and deploying enterprise applications in JAVA.specification for J2EE is defined by Sun Microsystems.J2EE has a set of services, application programming interfaces (APIs), and protocols,for developing n-tiered, web-based applications or non-web-based applications.

Q2. What is container in the Context of J2EE?
A container is the interface between a component and the low-level platform specific functionality.The applications such as EJB component must be assembled and deployed on the J2EE container before executing. In other words A J2EE container is a run-time environment for Enterprise Java Beans, Java Server Pages, Servlets, etc. It provides basic functions like security, life cycle management, transaction management, and deployment services. J2EE containers are generally supplied by a J2EE server. Container is a runtime entity that provides services to specialized Java components

Q3. What is a J2EE component?
A J2EE component is a software unit that is assembled into a J2EE application with related classes and files and it can communicate with other J2EE components
Following are the example of J2EE Componet:
a)Application clients and applets are client components.
b)Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technology components are web components
c)Enterprise JavaBeans components (enterprise beans) are business components

Q4. What is a J2EE module?
A J2EE module has one or more J2EE components of the same container type along with one deployment descriptor of that type.

Q5. How many Types of modules is defined by J2EE specification?
There are four types of modules defined by J2EE specification:
a) Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB)
b) Web
c) application client and
d) resource adapter
Modules can be assembled to J2EE applications

Q6. What is a Java applet?
An applet is a J2EE component that run on the client. In other words An applet is a program written in the Java language that can be included in an HTML page,like an image.

Q7. What is a Java application Client?
An application Client is a J2EE component that run on the client. An application is used to contain a full-function client non Web-based Java application that connects to the J2EE resources defined in the server.

Q8. What is a Java servlet?
A Java servlet is a J2EE component that run on the Server. In other words A Java servlet runs in a Web server or application server and provides server-side processing like accessing a database and/or e-commerce transactions etc.

Q9. What is a JavaServer Pages (JSP)?
A JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a J2EE component that run on the Server. In other words Java Server Page (JSP) is a technology for providing the content or appearance of Web pages by using servlets, small programs etc specified in the Web pages.

Q10. What is Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB)?
Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB) is the J2EE component that defines a component architecture for multi-tier client/server systems. (EJB) components (enterprise beans) are business components that run on the server.

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