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VB.NET Interview Questions(Basic)

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Q1. What is VB.NET?
It is an object oriented programming language like(Java and c++) and it is one of the main language used for .NET framework programming.

Q2. What is the base type in VB.NET from which every type is derived?

Q3. What is the the keyword in VB equivalent to "static" keyword in C#?

Q4. What is the meaning of Protected friend accesss modifier?
It means it can be accessed by
a)Classes within the same assembly
b)Classes derived from the declaring class

Q5. What is a partial class?
A class which can span multiple source files for the ease of development

Q6. What kind of inheritance is supported by VB.NET?
Note:Multiple Inheritance is NOT supported

Q7. What is Shadows modifier in VB.NET?
It is used to hide the member of base class.
Note: "new" keyword is also used for the same purpose in C#.NET

Q8. Can we override a constructor?

Q9. What is the use of TryCast operator?
Instead of direct casting TryCast first tests for source type and then casts it.It returns Nothing if cast fails

Q10. What is the keyword used to prohibit a class from being inherited?
Note: In C# "sealed" keyword is used for the same purpose

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