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WWF Interview Questions(Basic)

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Q1. What is WWF?
WWF stands for windows workflow foundation. WWF is a new tool provided by .NET 3.0 to quickly build work flow enabled applications on windows.

Q2. What is the advantage of using WWF?
By using WWF we can separate the business logic of the application from the execution components. This way we can build a clearer and more manageable application.

Q3. What is work flow?
A work flow is an abstraction of real work,split in steps. In other words ,a workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps. It is a represenatation of a sequence of operations.

Q4. What are the different types of work flow?
There are mainly three types of work flow:
a)Sequential workflow
b)State Machine workflow
c)Rules-driven Workflow

Q5. What is Sequential workflow?
A Sequential workflow is the one where steps of the work is done in sequence from start to finish. In a Sequential workflow ,from beginning to end,the workflow engine initiates each step.

Q6. What is State Machine workflow?
A State Machine workflow is the one that is initiated by external events and user interaction, unlike Sequential workflow which is initiated by workflow engine. A State Machine workflow thus stores state bewteen events.

Q7. What is Rules-driven Workflow?
This is a type of work flow implemented based on Sequential or StateMachine workflow. But there are additional rules that dictate the progress of the workflow.

Q8. How can we define and edit a workflow?
We can define a work flow using flow can also be defined in code using languages like C#.NET,VB.NET etc.Once defined we can edit the work flow using Visual Studio.

Q9. What are the core services of WWF runtime?
Following are the main services of WWF runtime
a)Thread scheduling
b)Transaction handling

Q10. How does WWF allows the workflow to update the Host Application?
The host application can be updated by raising events in WWF runtime to which the host application has subscribed. This way we can start or stop workflow instance.

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