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Question: What is MSBuild and when and why to use it for ASP.NET applications

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User: dhiraj5079 Post Date: 13 Mar 2012 02:52

What is MSBuild and when and why to use it for ASP.NET applications


The MSBuild or Microsoft Build Engine is a build utility from Microsoft

for building your project/solution without using visual studio IDE.

MSBuild can be used from command line to build project without VS IDE as below:

MSBuild.exe SampleProj.proj /property:Configuration=Debug

where SampleProj.proj is your pronect file.MSBuild provides a way to define your build order,

dependency etc by mentioning it in xml files.You can also create custom tasks to use in the process of build.

MSBuild can be used to set automatic build when some modified file is chaecked in to TFS.

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