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Question: What is the use of Transport Session in WCF

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User: dhiraj5079 Post Date: 21 Mar 2012 23:20

What is the use of Transport Session in WCF

In WCF Transport session means all the messages coming from a particular client are sent to the

same transport channel on the host.So it is like client and channel maintain session at tranport level

and thus it is named as transport session.

The transport session is independent of any application level session.

Transport session is optional.

Transport session is mainly related to reliability,synchronization,transaction and security.

A transport session provides the ability to WCF service to indentify the client.

TCP and IPC bindings are connection full so they so all calls from one client comes to same

connection thus effectively there is Transport session by default.

But HTTP is a connection less protocol do if you are using wsHttpBinding this

will not be like transport session by default.

So we can configure the wshttpbinding to support tranport channel

in that case it will insert a unique id identifying the client in each message

so that all message with that id go to the same connection.

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