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Topic: Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation in Visual Studio 2005

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User: rajiv100 Post Date: 21 Oct 2010 03:29

WWF stands for Windows Workflow Foundation and it is a Microsoft technology for Defining,executing
and managing workflows. Windows Workflow
Foundation is a part of .NET Framework 3.0.

Main Content:
Below is the key point related to Windows
Workflow Foundation.
1.Work flow provides linking together pre-defined
modules rather than an imperative programming
model of writing each line of code

2.Workflow can handle large work by persisting
themselves to a database.
3.Workflows can be modified dynamically while
4.There are two types of work flows Sequential
and State machine workflows.
5.A Sequential workflow runs from start to
finish, with the workflow engine initiating each
6.A State Machine workflow is initiated by events
and user interaction,so it stores state between

7.In Both types of workflows branches and loops
are possible.
For creating workflow applications, you need to
have the following tools.

1.NET Framework 3.0 Runtime
2.Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
3.Windows Workflow Foundation extensions for
Visual Studio 2005
4.Windows Communication Foundation & Windows
Presentation Foundation You can start the new
work flow project as described below in Visual
Studio 2005.

Open Visual Studio 2005. In the Start Page
window, select Project.In the New Project window, extend Visual C# ,
then select Workflow. There are many
applications, select state machine application
or Sequential Workflow Console Application and
name it and Then click OK.

This is the way to create a Windows Workflow
Foundation application in Visual Studio 2005

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  • User: Post Date:   14 Oct 2011 02:32
    Good site we can all the information and still links not working properly.

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