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Topic: How to Zoom in or zoom out of Web pages in iPhone

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User: manishav3388 Post Date: 02 Sep 2012 06:29

How to Zoom in or zoom out of Web pages in iPhone

Main Content:

Since iPhone screen is small compared to laptop or desktop and a normal Web page displays the entire page on your iPhone screen of text will appear too small and dificult to read.

So use any of the two Zoom in or zoom out methods to view clearly:

1.Pinch in and pinch out :Touch your index finger and thumb to the screen and spread your fingers apart to zoom in and do opposite to Zoom out.

2.double tap anywhere in the area you want to zoom in (using safari) .Double tap on the screen again to zoom out.

Thus the ooolest feature of Safari is its zooming in and zooming out

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hello,I am JAVA Developer from Noida.

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