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Topic: How to use ltrim and rtrim to remove blank spaces in DataColumns in Oracle

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User: mohit555 Post Date: 14 Jan 2011 09:14

In this post I will give the query to remove blank spaces in DataColumns in Oracle using ltrim and rtrim keyword.

Main Content:
So many times data with blank spaces may have entered in a datacolumn
of Oracle or SQLServer Database :

In this post I will be removing Blank spaces from start and end of the each data in a column.
Effetively trimming from front and back but not doing anything for spaces in the middle of string.

FROM Freshers

FROM Freshers

FROM Freshers

Also you can remove the leading and trailing spaces from the column data by

update MyTable set SampleColumn = ltrim(rtrim(SampleColumn))

This query will left trim and right trim all the data in SampleColumn of
Table MyTable

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