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Topic: Write a java programme with out using main method

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User: animelapurush Post Date: 31 Jan 2011 22:10

With out using main() it is impossible to write java programme but it is possible to write java programme with out using main().

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here the following has a simple java programme...
class Demo
the above programme is executed and display the message "Hi....Purush".here the static is called at the starting of the jvm before calling the main().that's way java will execute and the System.exit(0) is used to terminate the Exception main() not found...

we can use java programme with out using main() we can't accept the data from user at run time in this above programme..

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  • User: Post Date:   29 Apr 2011 05:10
    we can not run the java program without main method

  • User: bhuvana178 Post Date:   05 Oct 2011 13:08
    very nice....intersiting

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