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Topic: How SQL Statements Executes

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User: pankaj224 Post Date: 28 Aug 2010 05:27

A SQL statement goes through the following four steps:-

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Parse: SQL statement must be parsed. Parsing the statement means checking the statement’s syntax and ensuring that all references to objects are correct, and ensuring that relevant privileges to those objects exist.

Bind: Oracle server knows the meaning of the Oracle statement but still may not have enough information to execute the statement. Therefore, the Oracle server may need values for any bind variable in the statement. The process of obtaining these values is called binding variables.

Execute: After binding variables, the Oracle server has all the necessary information and resources. At this point, the Oracle server executes the statement.

Fetch: In the fetch stage, rows are selected and ordered (if requested by the query), and each successive row retrieves another row of the result until the last row has been fetched. Queries (SELECT statements) can be fetched, but other DML statements cannot be fetched.


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