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Topic: How to write and read a java object to a File Stream

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User: mohit555 Post Date: 10 Apr 2011 10:55

In this post I will be giving you syntax to read write java object to a file stream
for distributed programming

Main Content:

How to write a java object to a FileOutPutStream

You may need to write a java object to a file FileOutPutStream

for distributed programming.

The syntax is as below:

FileOutPutStream MyFileStream = new FileOutPutStream("temp");

ObjectOutPutStream MyOutput = new ObjectOutPutStream(MyFileStream);



How to read a java object from a FileInputStream

You may need to read a java object using FileInputStream

for distributed programming.

The syntax is as below:

FileInputStream MyFileStream = new FileInputStream(filename);

ObjectInPutStream MyInput = new ObjectInPutStream(MyFileStream);

Object obj = MyInput.readObject();


Thus we can serialize and construct the object again from file stream

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