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Topic: What is the Difference Between Abstract Class and Interfaces

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User: manishav3388 Post Date: 08 Aug 2010 03:46

Difference Between Abstract Class and Interfaces.

Main Content:
1.In Abstract class some methods can be Implemented But Interfaces cannot implement any methods.
2.A class extending an abstract class may or may not implement all of the methods defined in the abstract class but a Class Implementing an interface must implement all of the methods of the interface.

3.Abstract class does not have Multiple Inheritance . Interfaces can be used to supports Multiple Inheriatance.

4.Abstract class can have private and protected members but in Interface all member functions are public by default.

Similarity Between Abstract Class and Interfaces:

Both Abstract classes and Interfaces can't be instantiated.

So there are a lot of differences between Interfaces and Abstract classes.
But there is some similarities also.

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  • User: mohit555 Post Date:   06 Sep 2010 00:04
    Great Post!
    Keep It Up!

  • User: gokul4121989 Post Date:   31 Jan 2011 22:24

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