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Topic: How to differentiate among DDL, DML and DCL commands in oracle

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User: pankaj244 Post Date: 02 Nov 2010 09:02

DDL stands for Data Definition Language
DML stands for Data Manipulation Language
DCL stands for Data Control Language
we will understand the difference among these three in this article.

Main Content:
DDL are statements used for defining the database structure or schema.
For example :
CREATE statement- to create objects in the database
ALTER statement- to alter the objects in the database
DROP - to delete the objects in the database

DML are statements used for managing data within schema objects.
For example :
SELECT statement- to retrieve data from the a database
INSERT statement- to insert data into a table
UPDATE - to updates existing data

DCL are statements used for controling the access of data.
For example :
GRANT statement- to give access privileges to database
REVOKE statement- to withdraw access privileges

DDL statements are auto-commit means you cant roll back them.
while DML are not auto-commit. i.e. you can roll-back the operations

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