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Topic: How to differentiate among CHAR VARCHAR and VARCHAR2 data types in oracle

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User: pankaj244 Post Date: 02 Nov 2010 09:04

The keywords CHAR ,VARCHAR, and VARCHAR2 appear similar
however there is lot of difference among them.
we will understand the difference among these three in this article.

Main Content:

These types are used to store character string values
CHAR should be used for storing fix length character strings
If this type is used to store varibale length strings, it will waste a lot of disk space.

These types are used to store character string values
VARCHAR2 should be used to store variable length character strings

These types behaves same like VARCHAR2.
However, this type should not be used as it is reserved for future usage.

Thus we found that generally we will be dealing with VARCHAR2 in case
of variable length string storage.

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