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Topic: What is a J2EE container and explain the types of container

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User: pankaj244 Post Date: 25 May 2011 14:22

A j2ee container is an Interface between J2EE application component and Platform specific functions.In other words a J2EE container helps in deployment and execution of J2EE component.

Main Content:

The four main types of J2EE containers are described below:

a)Client Container:The client container runs on client machine

and manages running aal the application client component of one J2EE application.

b)Applet Container: The applet container can be considered as a mixture

  of web browser and java plug in on client machine if any.

c)Web Container :This container runs on Server Machine.It executes JSP pages and servlet for one J2EE application.

d)EJB container : This container runs on Server Machine and executes Enterprise beans for one J2EE application

Thus J2EE Container is very useful for developing Enterprise application

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