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Topic: Describe the complete process of accessing a Datasource using JDBC and Java

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User: shruti888 Post Date: 05 Jun 2011 11:07

JDBC is a standard API to access databases by Java programsIn this post I will
describe the step by step process of accesing a Datasource using JDBC and Java

Main Content:

Below are the steps:

1.The first step is to load a JDBC driver

2.Create the instance of JDBC driver and register it with the driver manager.

Note that both the above steps can be carried out by following line of code:


3.Create a connection to the database :

this can be done by calling getConnection() method of DriverManager as given below

Connection MyConn = DriverManager.getConnection(dbURL,myUSERNAME,myPASSWORD);

4.Create a SQL Statement:

once the connction object is created we can create the SQL statement

by using createStatement() method of connction object as below:

Statement myStatement = MyConn.createStatement();

5.use the different methods of statement Interface to get the resultsets

there are thre main methods of Statement Interface

execute,executeQuery,executeUpdate and executeBatch

use any one of them to get the resultset as below:

ResultSet myResult = myStatement.executeQuery("Select * from My Table");

Now use while loop like below to process the resultset



//process data


Thus we can get data using JDBC from DATABASE

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