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Topic: What are the types of Exception Handling in JDBC JAVA

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User: shruti888 Post Date: 05 Jun 2011 11:14

While accessing data we need to handle exception in JDBC using different types as and when needed

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In this post I will be describing the types of Exception Handling in JDBC JAVA

There are three types of Exeption Handling in JDBC

a)SQLExeption : it is nothing but a subclass of exception class.

                SQLExeption object has two main method to know about exception

                Details namely getErrorCode() and getSQLState()


b)SQLWarning : it is nothing but a subclass of SQLExeption class.

                it is not thrown as execption but can be intentionally

                accessed by the code by calling getWarning() method of

                connection or statement object

c)DataTruncation :it is nothing but a subclass of SQLWarning class.

                   A datatrucation means you are not processing all the data returned

                   from a query before closing the connection.For example you executed

                   a query that is returning 20 rows and you processed only two rows and closing

                   the connection.


Thus we learned types of Exception Handling in JDBC JAVA

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