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Topic: Describe some of the Advanced properties of JDBC in java

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User: shruti888 Post Date: 05 Jun 2011 11:16

There are many advanced properties of JDBC that are not being used generally.

Main Content:

In this post I will be describing some of the features of JDBC that are not used

commonly but may be very useful in certain cases:

Below are the advanced properties of JDBC:

A)Support for Databases that does not support SQL:

  jdbc 2.0 onwards support datasources that does not support SQL for example data in a file.

b)Cursor with both forward and backward movement support .This type of cursor is called

  Scrollable cursors.

c)BLOB data types support : JDBC 2.0 onwards supports Binary Large Objects DataTypes

                            and other data types.

d)Batch Update : Batch update is an Advanced feature of JDBC that allows to

                 many database calls and then execute all of them at once.

e)Connection Pooling : Connection pooling is an Advance feature of JDBC

                        that is used to share connection to a database

                       and thus removing the high cost of creating and destroying

                       database connection several times.          

Thus we learned advanced properties of JDBC

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