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Topic: What are the main advantages of Servlet over CGI

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User: shruti888 Post Date: 15 Jun 2011 14:30

What are the main advantages of Servlet over CGI

Main Content:

1.Servlet is by default persistent while CGI is not persistent by default

2.Servlet is stateful by default but CGI is not.

3.Servlet written in java can utilise the oops concepts of java but CGI

is not necessarily written in java.

4.Servlet written in java can be seamlessly integrated with other java

   thechnologies like JDBC but CGI is not necessarily written in java.

Thus servlets are more advantageous than CGI

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  • User: linkin Post Date:   04 Dec 2011 13:44
    CGI , for every request creates instance and destroy instance of the respective class , on other hand servlet instance is created during server startup (using <load-on-start> tag in WEB-INF/web.xml) or during first request and get destroyed only during redeploy or server shutdown , it reuses the servlet object for all request and response.

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