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Topic: How to make Image logo etc using Microsoft Powerpoint

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User: sonam777 Post Date: 02 Dec 2010 04:55

Did you know that you can make professional looking Images Logos etc using
Microsoft Powerpoint.In this post I will be discussing this.

Main Content:
Steps to make Images Logos etc using Microsoft Powerpoint

a)Go to Microsoft Powerpoint.
b)Open new slides and apply a design template from right panel.
c)Select auto shapes from left bottom.
d)For arrow select arrow from left bottom.
e)make the view 50% at the top below slide show link.
f)for curves you can select from auto shapes.
g)Make the shapes ,Images Fill color etc

h)Now save as .jpeg file interchange format.

i)Go to the saved folder.
j)Go to the saved folder.
k)Open that .jpg file using paint by right clicking and selecting paint.

l)Now select the part you want form the pic by dotted square selector
at the top of paint and copy that selection.
m)open other paint and paste that selection copied.

n)save this as your final image.Note that This may save the white space also.
So you select your image excluding white space and then right click and select
copy to -- My Picture and select the desired extensions like png etc.
So the only selected size will be copied to MyPicture.Some Times this
may give you only .bmp option,Then select it

o)Even After doing the above, if the image size is more than your required
size you can resize the image using Microsoft office picture manager
You can reduce the pic to 90 % of its original or say 50 % etc.

p)then you can open the pic in microsoft picture manager and
copy it by right clicking it and paste it on word document or any where else.

This way we can create Images logos etc using Microsoft Powerpoint

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Hi Everyone,I am .net Developer From Pune

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